Types of Biometrics

DNA Matching

This is a chemical type of biometric-   The identification of an individual using the analysis of segments from DNA.

Ear Biometrics

This is a visual biometric- its telling identification of a person just by using the shape of there ear.

Eyes – Iris Recognition

Visual Biometric- This is the  use of  features found in your eye more specially the  iris to identify an individual.

Eyes – Retina Recognition

Visual Biometric-  This uses  patterns in your veins in the back of the someones eye to to create a form of recognition.

Face Recognition

Visual Biometric – This is looking particularly at the  facial features and patterns for the authentication or recognition of an individuals identity.

Many face recognition systems either use something called eigenfaces or local feature analysis.

Fingerprint Recognition

Visual Biometric- This uses the ridges and valleys that are found on the surface tips on humans fingers to identify an individual.

Finger Geometry Recognition

The use of 3D geometry of the finger to determine identity.

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