Advantages & Disadvantages

On the positive side, biometrics is an effective way to prove the true identity of individual users however, with everything there’s always going to be disadvantages. Click here 

Face recognition


1. Its Non intrusive
2. Its a extremely cheap technology.


1. The 2D recognition is very affected in changes of certain lighting, peoples hair, the age of an individual, and if the person wear glasses.
2. This technology requires camera equipment for user identification which is expensive and a nit too much hassle this is why we believe it won’t become popular until most PCs include cameras as standard equipment.

Voice Recognition 


1.  Its Non intrusive with a very high social acceptability.
2. Verification time is an amazing five seconds.
3. Its a very affordable  technology.


1. A person’s voice will be easily recorded and used for unauthorized PC or network if its in the wrong hands .
2. Has very low accuracy.
3. An illness such as a cold which changes a person voice, will make it a very difficult or impossible way to identify a person. See more over here

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