Experiments of Biometrics

Biometrics has several specialists within the field but compared to many other fields it could be described as quite niche. Due to this we do not carry out any unique research, we study recent experiments within the field and evolve our concepts from them. Below are the latest experiments that we have been studying;

2D and 3D Biometric

A common topic throughout the biometrics field; the state of the art techniques and recent progress in ear biometrics. This is one of the largest studies in history based on the comparison of 2D and 3D face data used for biometric recognition.

Person Identification by Voice Spectral Analysis

analysisThe initial purpose of this experiment was to see if a voice spectral analysis can characterise a human voice and be used as recognition.

From the experiments carried out, we plan to continue these experiments with the intention to find different applications using the unique identification method.

Our Methods

Each of our experiments requires different methods due to the nature of the experiments, the tools required and what we are trying to achieve from the study. We work with high quality supplies which enables us to carry out experiments in controlled conditions.

All of our work spaces have high cleaning standards to stop any cross contamination in experiments and where possible we will work with vacuum viewports which work to different pressures and seal to allow use to produce accurate results.

Our Research

All of our research will be published once complete with results, methods and conclusions. We look forward to any feedback that you may have, click here to share your opinion.