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Advantages & Disadvantages

On the positive side, biometrics is an effective way to prove the true identity of individual users however, with everything there’s always going to be disadvantages. Click here  Face recognition Advantages: 1. Its Non

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Types of Biometrics

DNA Matching This is a chemical type of biometric-   The identification of an individual using the analysis of segments from DNA. Ear Biometrics This is a visual biometric- its telling identification of a

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Technology & Fingerprints

Fingerprint recognition or otherwise known as  fingerprint authentication refers to a automated method of verifying someones identity. Fingerprints are just one of the many  biometrics at there that are used to identify individuals and

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Biometrics Security

At the moment Biometric Security is on the rise, according to a number of recent research reports. The technology is only on the rise in the large part due to the fact that so

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